Work Your Way to a Khloe Kardashian Booty—Her Celeb Trainer Shows Us How

And like the construction of any masterpiece, it took hard work, dedication and celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson to get there.The fitness expert creates custom workout regimes for his laundry list of celebrity clients. In order to get the dirt on how exactly one gets a Khlo-fit-worthy butt, we had to go right to the source.Yes, Khloe really does do these exercises. No, they’re not easy…but if you want a Kardashian-worthy booty, you’ve got to work for it.Hit the gym and put these exercises to the test—let’s get fit for summer.


ESC: Gunnar Peterson Booty Bootcamp

Targets: “The muscles of the lower back, erector spinae (core), glutes and hamstrings.”Reps: “Between 6-10.”WWKD (What Would Khloe Do): “I’d have her load up the weight and go heavy because she has serious goals and that’s how you get serious results!”Results: “Better hamstring development and flexibility, a stronger lower back (core) and a way better butt!”


ESC: Gunnar Peterson Booty Bootcamp
Targets: “Predominantly, the glutes. It also hits the glutes. And in addition, it encourages glute activation at more than 200 times that of a back squat.”Reps: “Eight-20 depending on how strong the band you are wrestling with is.”WWKD (What Would Khloe Do): “I’m giving you what she gets because that’s how we do it.”Results: “More people asking for your phone number, improved self-confidence and more, fully developed glutes.”