America’s most sought after personal trainer answers your weight training questions.

Posted on: muscleandfitness.com By: GUNNAR PETERSON

Q: I want bigger arms. How often should I train them and how much volume should I use?

A: First you need to train like you want to get big. Getting bigger is a commitment, not a workout. It’s calories in excess of what you’re burning, and quality calories to boot. It’s rest. It’s recovery. It’s hydration. It’s reduced overall stress levels. And, of course, it’s hard training. Work up to hitting biceps and triceps twice a week with a sixto 12-set range and reps ranging from 15 down to six (lighter to heavier)— not counting two or three gradual warmup sets.

The rest-pause principle works wonders in the later sets. Vary your angles and play with different grip positions and widths. Don’t forget to work the bejesus out of your shoulders as well, since they add to the overall size visual. When in doubt, sleep a little more and keep your protein intake high and steady. Keep your body fat percentage lower than what athletes pay their agents and the “swole” you get will be Cialis-like. It won’t happen overnight, but if you follow the Train-Eat-Sleep code, you’ll grow—guaranteed.

Gunnar Peterson, C.S.C.S.is America’s most soughtafter personal trainer. His client list has included the likes of Hollywood celebs Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis and elite athletes Tom Brady, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Love.