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From trade shows to traveling I’ve seen a lot of gym equipment in my life! And I make it a point to try every new thing I see. Some of these things are absolute genius. Some are, well, let’s just say more gadget than genius but I’m sure they were well intended… When something shines I make a note, and more often than not I make a purchase! 

When the quality matches the ingenuity I know I have to add it to my arsenal so that the people who train with me stay engaged and stay on the cutting edge. We don’t abandon the basics, but when we can improve upon them, we jump at the chance. Below is a list of pieces that not only stand out to me but stand the test of time. I use these with every person that trains in my gym in Beverly Hills. Do every rep!

fit fighter steel hose

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Sorinex glute & ham roller

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Inertia Wave

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Heco stix

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Hip Circle + Slingshot

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