“Revenge Body” Trainers Share Their #1 Weight-Loss Tip

“Revenge Body” Trainers Share Their #1 Weight-Loss Tip

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If you’ve ever watched Khloé Kardashian’s Revenge Body, you know that each of the celeb trainers on the show has a different approach to tackling their clients’ weight-loss goals—both in their bedside manner and in their methods. For example, while some emphasize first changing diet above all else, others are all about getting in a crazy-intense, super-sweaty workout in the gym on day one.

There’s no one “right” way to go about it—all the trainers work with celebrities on the reg and have led their contestants on the show to lose impressive amounts of weight in three months. So we rounded up all of their best advice in one place so you can pick and choose what works for you. (Personally, we recommend all five!)

Here, the best weight-loss tips for lasting success, according to the celebrity trainers.

Harley Pasternak: Move outside of the gym.

“My first piece of advice is always to just get moving,” says Harley Pasternak, who has trained celebs like Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga. What differentiates Pasternak from many of the other trainers is the stress he places on what we do *outside* of the gym first and foremost. “Using a device like Fitbit to track and hit at least 10,000 steps a day is a great way to start.” (Pasternak is an ambassador for the brand.)

Pasternak suggests making small behavioral changes in everyday life to help reach this goal: Park farther away at the grocery store, catch up with your friends by going on a walk instead of sitting on your couch, and set move reminders if you sit at a desk all day so you remain accountable to stay active throughout the day and reach your daily step count goal.

Ashley Borden: Don’t be afraid to lift heavy.

“Pick up some weights and don’t be afraid!” says Ashley Borden, who has trained stars like Christina Aguilera and Mandy Moore, and who recently launched her own app with the “Revenge Body” gym routine her participants used on the show. “Our bodies need heavier weight training or bodyweight training in order to get that HGH and testosterone release. That’s what attacks core belly fat and creates a lean, strong body.”

As a general rule, if you’re doing 10 reps of any major muscle group move (squats, push-ups, shoulder press, or deadlift for example) and you become breathless after your last rep, that’s around the weight that will lead to weight-loss success, she says. (P.S. Here are five things that could make a personal trainer stop working with you, according to Borden.)

Gunnar Peterson: Schedule specific workouts.

According to trainer Gunnar Peterson, who has worked with a laundry list of pro athletes and A-list celebs (including Khloe herself), the most important part for anyone starting a weight loss program is to prioritize their workouts in their weekly schedule—and to be as specific as possible. “Don’t just say, ‘I’ll work out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.’ Say, ‘I’m working out Monday at 7 am at the gym, Wednesday at noon I’m taking a boot camp class, and Friday I’m meeting my friend after work at 5:30 to go for a 3-mile run.’ That way it’s locked in and you can see it,” he says.

By incorporating them into your schedule like you would a work meeting or doctor’s appointment, you’re also upping your chances of success week after week. “Left to chance, there’s a good chance it gets canceled, bumped, or shorted—and that’s harder to make up on the weekends than you think it is.”

Nicole Winhoffer: Pack snacks ahead of time.

“What you ingest is just as important as physical activity,” says Nicole Winhoffer, Madonna’s former trainer and founder of the NW Method. “One of the problems with weight gain in America is that there is a lack of preparation.” While we can’t always control our circumstances, we can always be prepared, she says. “I recommend packing at least two snacks, like trail mix or a protein bar, to keep with you during the day so you don’t make poor food choices.”

Lacey Stone: Find an addictive group class.

Sure, the participants on the show might get one-on-one access to celeb trainers, but sometimes it’s the group environment that can really fuel success. That’s why trainer Lacey Stone’s number-one piece of advice is to “find a workout and a trainer you love.” Stone recommends a spin or boot-camp-style class if you’re looking to kick-start your weight-loss success—but it’s also about finding the trainer who creates an experience you want to keep coming back for. “If you take a class and that doesn’t happen, you’re in the wrong class,” she says.

“Another reason I love classes is that there is a built-in community that will push you, along with the teacher and yourself. The more motivated you are to give your best, the quicker you’re going to reach your goals.” (Related: Lacey Stone Shares Her Favorite Heavy Dumbbell Workout for Weight Loss)

Simone De La Rue: Change your attitude.

It sounds cliché, but to truly find success, you need to make a fundamental change in your attitude—toward fitness, diet, and your lifestyle generally, says Simone De La Rue, the creator of Body By Simone and trainer to celebs like Reese Witherspoon and Chrissy Teigen. “If they don’t then it won’t last, it’ll always just be the newest diet or fitness fad,” she says. “Ultimately, without the change of mentality, the person will always revert to the old habits that have become ingrained. The change of attitude is key.”