VIDEO: How to Get Toned Legs Like Khloé Kardashian’s

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MAY 14, 2016 @ 10:30 AM

How does Khloé Kardashian maintain her gorgeous gams? With a lot of hard work and some very interesting fitness moves, as I recently found out firsthand. I visited celebrity fitness trainer Gunnar Peterson, Khloé’s go-to gam man, inside his L.A. studio, where Kardashian-Jenner #fitspo dreams are made of (and where a lot, of lunging goes down on a daily basis).

In the video above, I step onto what looks like a mini ice skating rink to sculpt my legs from calf to glute. As I learn the hard way, this is way harder than it looks.  But hey, if it works for Khloé, it’s worth a try.

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