Ariel Winter, Modern Family Actress, Flaunts Her Curvy Body on Instagram While Heading for Morning Gym Workout

Ariel Winter, Modern Family Actress, Flaunts Her Curvy Body on Instagram While Heading for Morning Gym Workout

Photo credit: Mike Windle / Staff/Getty

Photo credit: Mike Windle / Staff/Getty

Ariel Winter from Modern Family keeps a toned body with her morning workout. You may remember her as the clever, overachieving, self-reliant and youngest child, Alex Dunphy, on the popular ABC show. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s easy to love her character.

She is also known for voicing the title character in the Disney Junior TV series called Sofia the First. What’s even better is that Winter, in her daily life, makes an effort to stay in shape and also advocate for body positivity. Let’s look at how she stays fit.

Ariel Winter and Her Workout Routine

Ariel Winter is known for her incredible shape as well as her dedication to fitness. She previously went on long hikes in the Hollywood Hills with her now ex-boyfriend, Laurent Gaudette; however, it’s not a stretch to assume that Winter still hikes solo or with a friend.

While they were still together, Winter and Gaudette also hit up the gym frequently, and Winter has proof of her impressive fitness skills. She was filmed by Gaudette on an Instagram clip doing some heavy duty squats while lifting some serious weights.

Remember folks, Winter is only 18 years old, so she is starting her workouts pretty young. She normally exercises and performs her workout routine with celebrity person trainer Gunnar Peterson, who was not available the day she was shot doing squats in the gym. So, Winter still goes to the gym even when her personal trainer is not available – wow, talk about dedication!

If you have not heard of Gunnar Peterson before, you should definitely check him out. He is a renowned trainer in Hollywood who has worked with all kinds of celebrities including J.Lo and Kim and Khloe Kardashian. If you think about it, all these women have incredibly curvy but super tight bodies, so Peterson can work some kind of magic.

Although the exact workout that Peterson does with Winter is unknown, it’s possible that they might work on strength training, weight lifting, sculpting, toning and cardio workouts.

What is so lovable about Winter is that she does her best to spread body positivity and empower women to love themselves on social media last November, Winter had to defend some of her family (her nieces) against body shamers who judged photos Winter posted of them in their bathing suits (get a life, right?).

Well, that’s not all the shade that Winter took, as her body was compared to Ariana Grande on Twitter. Grande shut the shamers down by saying, “Celebrate each other – you’re all beautiful.” Winter responded by saying thanks and also noting that women should empower one another. What do you think about this?

It was allegedly not easy for Winter to accept her figure when she was younger, but being surrounded by curvier women like Sofia Vergara helped her love her body. She really believes in radical self-acceptance, which is something we can all learn from.

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