Celeb Trainer Gunnar Peterson On Slimming Down Without Losing Curves And Hard Work Over Quick Fixes

Celeb Trainer Gunnar Peterson On Slimming Down Without Losing Curves And Hard Work Over Quick Fixes

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While some people enjoy going for runs or doing workouts in silence in the hopes of collecting their thoughts, most of us (who aren’t weird…) need our music. A recent survey of thousands who work out at least once a week, which was done by electronic company LG, found that 91 percent of those people feel music is vital to their workout regimen. Many said they need it more to exercise than they do to make their daily commute (71 percent), enjoy a shower (32 percent) or during sex (24 percent). Around 87 percent said it helps them work out longer, while that same percentage also said it gives them more energy and helps them achieve a better workout overall.

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He said he created the moves in the LG TONE-Up Workout to help you sweat and do so without needing equipment. But the moves are also tailored for the LG headphones, which are not bothered by how soaked you get while exercising.

“I wanted something that would showcase the LG TONE Active+ and LG FORCE, because I know how important music is for motivation,” Peterson said. “These headsets are ideal because they won’t get in the way of an intense workout, plus they’re water and sweat resistant. Second, you don’t need equipment to do this workout, and you can do it anytime, anywhere – so there really are no excuses which is important as people get further into the new year and they’re trying to stick to the goals they’ve set for themselves.”

And while many women are working it out at the gym right now in the hopes of sticking to their resolutions, some are wondering if it’s possible to slim down without losing so much of your curves. Considering he’s worked with J.Lo, Peterson has the right idea on how to get fit while staying stacked.

“You have to train your glutes with weights and with intensity,” he said. “Make sure you are getting enough calories. Don’t undereat! Insufficient calories equals insufficient glutes. And get plenty of sleep so that your body and booty can recover.

And as for the new moms who are also in the gym but don’t want to go too hard too soon, Peterson says that you should walk before you run. Literally.

“Get a new workout outfit – shoes included,” Peterson said. “Put together a new playlist and pump up your LG Tone Active+ and get after it with a nice 30-minute brisk walk, assuming your doctor says it’s ok. That’s your jump-off. Add a 10-minute full-body stretch and come back tomorrow. After a week of that, assuming you feel as great as I know you will, add some weights.”

And for those who aren’t in the gym or changing up their diets but are relying solely on detox teas and waist trainers, the star trainer says he isn’t against what people want to do for themselves, but if you don’t seriously put in the work, you won’t see serious results.

“Use your head when it comes to new products,” Peterson said. “Try what you need to try, but in your heart of hearts, you have to know that there is no substitute for hard work.”

So now that you know how to go about getting fit in the new year, you can start setting up your workout playlist for when you’re ready to try the TONE-Up Workout, which you can see below. We asked Peterson what his go-to song is for guaranteed turn-up energy and he said it’s “Mr. President” by LL Cool J. We didn’t expect that one, but if it works Gunnar, it works for us. Now, get to work!



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