Gunnar Peterson Keeps It “100″ With ‘Revenge Body’ 2


NUP_174258_1010.JPGWith over 20 years in the fitness industry, Beverly Hills based trainerGunnar Peterson has amassed his share of high profile clientele. He’s one of the trainers who make a difference on the new E! seriesRevenge Body with Khloe Kardashian.

“The show is fun,” says Peterson, whose droll humor underscores his desire to bring “levity” to his workouts. “(It) takes you up. It takes you down and pushes you out the other end. You get to see people’s transitions emotionally as well as physically. You get to see them come into their own from a physical standpoint but you also see them grow and improve in every single way. It’s a fun ride”

In the video below, Peterson explains why focusing on the scale can be counter productive attempting to carve out a healthier and fitter lifestyle. He also adds that, when working out, shooting for 100% is the best way to proceed. Revenge Body’s Latreal Mitchell is also featured in the clip.

Watch radio interview here.