Inspiring Participant Amy Says She’s “Living a Brave Life” Thanks to Revenge Body

Amy brings the heat from day one, so don’t underestimate.

“I’m an extreme exerciser or I’m nothing. I’m a binge eater or I’m nothing,” the 45-year-old participant tells personal trainer Gunnar Peterson in this clip from Sunday’s new Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian. As STX Entertainment’s president of media and marketing innovation, Amy is no stranger to intensity, hard work or personal achievement. But career aside, the mother of one is anxious to improve her emotional and physical health for her daughter’s sake. Doing so has been difficult until now, especially since losing her father.

In the clip, it’s Amy’s first workout with the L.A. Lakers’ strength and conditioning coach—she arrives still wearing the stylish red pantsuit she had on to meet Khloe Kardashian earlier that same day—and she’s very literally hit the ground running. Minutes after she and Gunnar get acquainted, Amy is doing reps with a weighted “sled” interspersed with some cardio work on the treadmill and a little bit of boxing too.

“So, tell me where you want to go,” says Gunnar while Amy takes a quick breather. As far as physical objectives go, she explains she’d like to lose upwards of 50 pounds during her 12-week term on Revenge Body.

That said, it seems like her coach is taking a much more holistic approach to his new trainee’s upcoming transformation.

“My physical goals for Amy are different than Amy’s physical goals for Amy,” says the Beverly Hills-based fitness expert during a confessional interview. “I don’t care what number she gets to on the scale. I want Amy to feel empowered in all aspects of her life. It’s confidence, is what it comes down to.”

Gunnar’s comprehensive health plan is one Amy does eventually get behind. In an exclusive quote to E! post-Revenge Body, she makes it clear her transformation was about more than just getting in shape.

“Changing your life is an exceptional challenge. Khloe understood that for a meaningful transformation, not only did I need the best fitness and medical experts with Gunnar and Dr. Goglia, but I also needed a father’s heart,” she says now, adding that Revenge Body helped her learn to “embrace [her] pain” and “turn it into the power [she] needed to make a change.”

Continuing, Amy expresses her gratefulness to those who guided her along the way. “Thanks to Revenge Body, I can look at my daughter not just with love but with integrity, knowing that I’m living a brave life rather than a comfortable one,” she finishes.

See Amy’s debut workout—and note her killer right uppercut because, whoa—in the clip above!

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